CNC Milling

Lisnabrin CNC Milling Services

At Lisnabrin Engineering Ltd we offer customers high precision machining. From one-off machined parts to high volume production, Lisnabrin Engineering Ltd has the capacity to machine a wide variety of parts from conventional 3 axis machining and now 5 axis machining work in all materials from plastics, aluminium, stainless steel, ceramics and titanium.

Our range of CNC Milling machines include:

  • Doosan DNM 200/5AX
  • Doosan DNM 400
  • HURCO VMX24 (X2)
  • HURCO VM10

All of our milling machines are programmed using the latest version of Delcam Feature CAM. With this software we are able to use our customer’s solid model from any CAD system or any 2D drawing format.

5 axis machining:

Due to customer demand for high volume machining at a lower cost we recently invested in a new 5 axis milling machine, purchasing this machine has enabled us to increase output and quality at a reduced cost per part.

Lisnabrin CNC Milling Services

EDM Services

Lisnabrin EDM Services Lisnabrin EDM Services Lisnabrin EDM Services

Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is an exceptional process that uses electric current and fine wire to cut and shape metals, metal alloys and other conductive materials. It leaves a smooth surface that usually requires no further finishing or polishing.

Fine, High Aspect Ratio Features

Lisnabrin Engineering high precision CNC driven Wire EDM facility is capable of producing precision, high aspect ratio apertures and features with tolerances of
‹± 5µm. Surface finishes down to Ra 0.1µm can be achieved, which in many instances eliminates the need for subsequent polishing.

The process is highly accurate and repeatable. It produces exceptionally precise, parallel sidewalls, allowing stacking when machining multiple parts from sheet material. Taper cuts, free curves and complex shapes can be achieved simply by rotating the axis of the wire before or during the process.

Wire EDM features can be incorporated into components manufactured by etching or electroforming, producing aspect ratios beyond the capabilities of those technologies.

High Speed

Lisnabrin Engineering’s Wire EDM is digitally driven using the latest version of ESPRIT software, virtually eliminating the need for fixtures and tooling for one of a kind or low run production run parts. Further finishing is generally unnecessary and parts may be used immediately in assembly, minimising the time between design and delivery.

Exotic Materials

EDM Wire Erosion has an exceptional capability to machine exotic materials (Superalloys, Medical grade stainless, titanium, Hastelloy®, nimonics, Monel®, Inconel®, tungsten carbide, aluminium alloys, copper, etc.). Work hardened metals and exceptionally ductile or brittle materials that are difficult to machine by other methods can be shaped effectively and efficiently by wire EDM.

Our EDM machines include:

  • Charmiles Robofil 4030 SI wire EDM
  • Mitsubishi MV2400R wire EDM
  • ACTSPARK SD1 Drill Sparker
  • ACTSPARK SP1 Die sinker


Lisnabrin engineering provides precision equipment and product concept designs for the medical device, aerospace and electrical industries.

At Lisnabrin Engineering our design expertise in internationally recognised for its innovation and problem solving ability. Our design team will participate in the design process and provide input based on their extensive knowledge of the equipment being used to build you components, we are able to provide the best design for manufacture (DFM) solutions.

We have an in-depth understanding of the performance requirements you need from your technology. We appreciate the unique application and operational requirements of each customer and have a proven track record in delivering robust solutions in a timely manner.

Our experienced team work on a daily basis with leading multinationals and contract manufacturers to deliver whatever our customers require.

Lisnabrin Precision Engineering Design Services